Toddler's Audio Player

A very simple music and audiobook player for kids who can't read yet

Pick and play a track by simply tapping on the image associated with it

music player for children
music player for children

Very simple and easy to use:
tap once to play,
tap again to pause

easy to use player

You can make it even simpler:
hide playback controls
and make the images bigger

mp3 children music

Configure the app in 5 simple steps

player for kids - Toddler's Audio Player

Enable the app's "child lock"

safe player for toddlers

Quick guide

Add tracks and create folders

kid firiendly mp3 player

Assign images to tracks and folders

music for preschooler

Limit volume level

player for a child

Press and hold to change the playback order

songs for young age

Download now! It's absolutely free!

No Ads! The free version is full featured with limited number of tracks (49)

Toddler's Audio Player